Paula Carson
Holistic Skin Care

A Skin Care Specialist with two decades of experience

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About Paula

Born in Northern Ireland, Paula's interest in skin care started at a young age. Her career began in Scotland and England before she founded her own health and skin care salon on the North coast of Ireland. 

She has devoted almost twenty years to researching and refining her methods to give each client a unique experience along with a personalized skin care and wellness routine.

Paula's passion is treating skin conditions with the highest quality natural products available globally.   

Each and every treatment is bespoke, which means your time and home care plan is designed especially for you.

Her specialized knowledge, along with her healing hands, will transform your skin.


Classic Facial

A nurturing facial treatment specially designed for each client. Depending on the season and your needs and skin concerns. Totally restores vitality and radiance. Perfect for when the needs of the skin are great but time is scarce. Feel rejuvenated after this 60 minute renewal treatment.


60 minutes

Customized Facial

The facial treatment starts with a therapeutic foot bath and a skin care consultation. 

Strengthening our skin is crucial, enveloping aromatherapy and lymph stimulation will restore balance. This treatment includes rhythmic conditioner, nourishing masks and a soothing massage. Designed to harmonize your skin by facilitating the self-healing process while you completely relax in an oasis of warmth and calmness.


75 minutes  

Signature Treatment

This is much more than a facial, it is a full body treatment that concentrates on areas of stress and tension, receive an experience that will balance your skin, body and soul.

The treatment begins with a warm sage foot bath.  Once your feet are dried, you will move to a soft warm table where your head, legs, arms and feet will be nourished with healing creams and balms.  

Warm aromatic compresses prepare the skin for a double cleanse. A steam bath then softens the pores allowing the cleansing clay mask to deeply purify the skin. 

The skin is now prepared for the lymph drainage the essential part of this treatment. Focusing on lymphatic drainage of the face and neck will stimulate fluid flow in the connective tissue, leaving you with healthy, rejuvenated skin.  

Your face and décolleté are then hydrated with customized skin conditioners and warm aromatic compresses.

The ultimate experience leaving you feeling centered and radiant.


2 hours  


Having worked for 7 years with traditional skin care, I came to a point where I felt the need to explore a more natural approach to my skin care routine and overall well being.  

After much research,  I began using Dr Hauschka skin care which was first produced in Germany in 1967 by WALA, an anthroposophical remedy manufacturer. Developed by a nurse and a group of WALA doctors and pharmacists everything is 100% natural and certified to NATURE standards.   

I believe that true beauty comes from within, so what we eat and how we treat our body and minds are also part of how our skin looks and feels. 

Your skin is a reflection of what is happening inside your body. The treatments and products are my passion and I truly believe they can help everyone to achieve overall balanced skin and well being. 

I look forward to sharing my knowledge in Connecticut.